The body panels are unique to the Fiero and were not used on any other cars. Outer '84 door panels attach differently and do not interchange with other year Fieros. All other body panels will swap, although the deck lid in '84 is a different style from other years.

Front and rear fascias vary with models. The '86-88 GT and all other '88s had round trim on the "belt line" and other years had ribbed trim. The trim piece is molded into the front and rear fascias. Use of a round-trim fascia on a ribbed-trim car is feasible but may look odd.

The '84 has an entirely different door skin (cannot be added to later doors) and dew wipe (not available).

Door skin compatibility is the same '85-'88.

Rocker panels interchange among all years although some vary depending on model. For example, one style rocker panel was used on 1984 Indy, 1985 GT/SE, 1987 SE, and the 1986-88 GT. Different rocker panels were used on the Coupes and Formula.

The "aero molding" or "ground effects" panels were used on the Indy, GTs, and '87 SE models. These panels swap among all years and may be installed on cars which were not so equipped from the factory. Mounting holes are required in the body panels to accommodate the ground effects panels.

The wing or spoiler on the Fiero is blow-molded Bexley resin made in two pieces and glued together. Spoiler cracks or breaks should be repaired with flexible epoxies such as those used for RIM or R-RIM (see below). Punctures or gouges should be repaired with epoxy fiberglass resin and glass cloth.

GM called the Fiero body panels "Enduraflex". There is no material known as "Enduraflex". This is a marketing term. Four different types of reinforced composite plastic are used in Fiero body panels:

SMC Sheet Molded Compound was used for the hood, roof, rear upper quarter, and rear decklid.

RRIM Reinforced Reaction Injection Molded urethane was used for fenders, door panels, and lower rear quarters. The rear lowers were later changed to injection molded nylon.

RIM Reaction Injected Molded urethane was used for front and rear fascias.

TPO Thermoplastic Olefin was used for rocker panels.

Bexley Resin Blow-Molded by DuPont This material (not fiberglass) was used for the spoiler or "wing" on all Fieros as far as we know. The supports are made of TPO.

Conventional "Bondo" (polyester resin) should not be used to repair any Fiero body panel. Repair products should specifically state they are compatible with the body panel material. I.e.: "Suitable for SMC repairs."

Any competent body shop can handle repairs to the Fiero body panels. Shops which specialize in body repair for Saturns would be particularly capable since the Saturn uses similar body materials.

Since new body panels rarely turn up on the market, the best source for them is a donor vehicle. Check the "Parts Sources" page for suppliers.

Engine Vents: The deck lid vents on the '84 Fiero were made of magnesium and were spectacular when they caught fire! Subsequent years used aluminum.

For those interested, the body panels of the Fiero were made in the following locations:

Front Fascia   - RRIM supplied by GM Canada
Hood           - SMC supplied by General Tire and Rubber
Headlamp Doors - SMC supplied by GTR
Front Fenders  - RRIM supplied by Oldsmobile
Roof           - SMC supplied by Premix
Door Panel     - RRIM supplied by Oldsmobile
Rocker Panels  - TPO supplied by G.P. Plastics
Panel, front of Rear Wheel - R. RIM supplied by Oldsmobile
Rear Quarter   - SMC supplied by BUDD
Rear Deck Lid  - SMC supplied by BUDD
Rear Fascia    - RRIM supplied by Guide Division
Wing           - Bexley Resin blow-molded by DuPont