Approximately eight bulb types cover all lamps used in the Fiero. Alternatives exist for many of the bulbs which are improvements over the originals. LED (light emitting diode) replacements are becoming popular for tail lights and turn signals but we are unaware of any that are approved by the DOT (US Department of Transportation). We have seen relacement LEDs that fit a few bulbs of cars other than the Fiero and with time we expect to see some that will fit the Fiero, too.

One location which is suitable for LED replacements is the third brake light in '85-88 Fieros. We are unaware of any aftermarket replacements at this time.

Use of LED lights for turn signals usually requires special flasher units; they are not plug & play.

Bulb                        Part Number

High & Low Beam Headlamp        H6054 (see Note 1)
                                H6054CB, high performance halogen
                                H6054XV, blue halogen
                                X6054, halogen, extra bright, long life
                                H6054LL, high intensity, long life
Front Turn Signal               2057 or 2057LL (long life)
Parking Light                   2057 or 2057LL
Rear Turn Signal                2057 or 2057LL
Stop Light                      2057 or 2057LL
Tail Light                      2057 or 2057LL
Backup Light                    1156 or 1156LL
Automatic Trans Indicator        194 or 194LL (see Note 2)
Brake Warning                    194 or 194LL ( "    "  ")
Directional Signal Indicator     194 or 194LL ( "    "  ")
Front Side Marker                194 or 194LL ( "    "  ")
High-Beam Indicator              194 or 194LL ( "    "  ")
License Plate                    194 or 194LL ( "    "  ")
Rear Side Marker                 194 or 194LL ( "    "  ")
Seat Belt Indicator              194 or 194LL ( "    "  ")
"Pontiac" Rear Lights (GT only)  194 or 194LL ( "    "  ")
Ash Tray                          70
Dome Light                       906
High Mount Stop Light            889 or 906
Instrument Panel - General       168, 37, 194 or 194LL (see Note 3)
Courtesy Light (foot well area)  168
Spare Tire area light            168
Trunk/Cargo Light                168 or 561

Note 1: We understand that Levine Auto Parts (http://www.levineautoparts.com/27009headlamp.html) makes a high-brightness headlamp replacement that works well on the Fiero. It is a bit pricey but reputedly is of high quality.

Note 2: We understand that #194 bulbs (2 candle power) can be replaced with #168 bulbs (3 candle power) for a little more brightness. We have not verified this swap.

Note 3: We understand that #194PC (1/2" size) are the #194 bulb with "twist-in" socket which fit the instrument panel behind the speedometer, tach, "check engine", and other warning lights.

Note 4: We understand that Xenon bulb 9732 is a direct fit for the 168 and 194 bulbs. It is a 5 watt bulb and not suitable for all Fiero applications due to heat, but it makes a suitable replacement for the side marker lights, "Pontiac" rear lights, courtesy lights, and cargo area lignt. Due to their extra heat, make sure the bulbs are not too close to anything that would be easily affected. Bulbs are available at lighting stores as well as on-line at seagulllighting.com.