We don't have a great deal of information on Fiero clutch systems but offer what we have. There are two different clutch sizes used in Fieros. The 1984 Fiero and all V6 Fieros came with a 9.125" clutch. The 1985-88 4-cylinder Fieros came with a 8.5" clutch. The clutch parts are interchangeable so if you're replacing the 8.5" clutch it is feasible to use the larger clutch disc and pressure plate. This should provide a bit longer clutch life.

Note that the throwout bearings are specific to each transaxle, not the engine or model year, so be sure to get the correct one when replacing.

Fieros with the Muncie 4-speed transaxle (see "Transmission, Manual") have a pilot bearing but the 5-speed transaxles do not use a pilot bearing.


'84-88 2.5L: These Fieros used a clutch disc which is unique to these cars. Aftermarket replacements are available from auto parts suppliers.

'85-86 2.8L 4 speed: Same as '84-88 2.5L

'86-88 2.8L 5 speed

   Pontiac 6000           '87-88 2.8L
   Chevrolet Beretta      '87-89 2.8L
   Chevrolet Beretta      '90-92 3.1L
   Cavalier                  '87 2.8L five speed
   Cavalier               '88-89 2.8L
   Cavalier               '90-92 3.1L
   Chevy Celebrity        '87-88 2.8L
   Cadillac Cimarron         '87
   Chevy Corsica          '87-89 2.8L
   Chevy Corsica          '90-92 3.1L
   Olds Cutlass           '88-89 2.8L
   Olds Firenza              '87 2.8L
   Pontiac Grand Prix     '88-89
   Pontiac Sunbird        '91-92 3.1L
   Pontiac Tempest        '87-89 2.8L
   Pontiac Tempest        '90-92 3.1L

CLUTCH FORK and PILOT BEARING We have no information on the Fiero clutch fork and pilot bearing being used in other vehicles. Part numbers for aftermarket clutch forks are shown below.

Clutch Fork

 '84-87 four speed                                 Clutch-In! 14561
 '86-87 five speed                                 Clutch-In! 14720
 '88 trans code 8ZL                                Clutch-In! 14720
 '88 except trans code 8ZL                         Clutch-In! 14741
Clutch Pilot Bearing, 2.5L, '84-88 Clutch-In! 14646


The aluminum clutch pedal in '84-86 Fieros is prone to bending. Symptoms of a bent pedal are difficult shifting and/or clutch not fully disengaging. Pedals in '87-88 Fieros and all replacement pedals are steel. The GM part number for the steel pedal is 10066423 but it is generally unavailable. New steel pedals can be found at the Fiero Store ( With a new GM pedal in the '84-86 Fiero the clutch pedal spring is eliminated and a new master cylinder push rod and retainer clip must be installed. We are not sure if this is required with the Fiero Store pedal. The part numbers for the master cylinder push rod are 10126424 for '84-85 and 10126423 for '86. The retainer clip is part number 10040797. A new bushing for the pedal pin is also recommended. It is part number 14094900.

A replacement for the rubber clutch pedal surface for all years is Pedal Up! 20733.