DOOR HARDWARE: Hardware and switches for the doors are available as shown below:

Door Handle, left,  '84-88  Help! 77048
Door Handle, right, '84-88  Help! 77049

Door Hinge Pin/Bushing kit, '84-88  Help! 38407
The complete Fiero door hinge is no longer available but is common to the Chevy S10 which is available. The part number of the hinge pin is 20043351, the bushing is 20429500, and the retainer is 204458993.

Door Lock Actuator, electric, both sides, '84-88    Help! 75614

Door Lock Switch, electric (left only)    '84-88    Help! 49218

The following cars had the same door handles as the '84-88 Fiero:

'82-88    Buick Century
'82-89    Buick Skyhawk
'86-91    Buick Skylark 
'85-87    Buick Somerset
'82-92    Chevy Camaro
'82-94    Chevy Cavalier
'82-90    Chevy Celebrity 
'85-91    Oldsmobile Cutlass
'85-91    Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais 
'82-91    Pontiac 6000
'82-92    Pontiac Firebird
'85-91    Pontiac Grand AM
'82-84    Pontiac J2000
'85-94    Pontiac Sunbird
'82-92    Pontiac Trans Am

Door handles (and many other parts) are available new from

Cars with the same electric door lock switches:
 Buick Century         '85-89
 Buick Buick Skyhawk   '82-89
 Cadillac Cimarron     '83-88
 Camaro                '82-89
 Chevy Celebrity       '85-89
 Chevy Citation           '85
 Corvette              '84-85
 Olds Cutlass             '91
 Olds Cutlass Supreme     '91
 Olds Cutlass Cruiser     '91
 Pontiac 6000          '85-86
 Firebird              '82-92
 Pontiac J2000         '83-86
 Pontiac Sunbird       '84-94

Door Lock Lever

The door lock lever on the Fiero is the same as 1979-1986 Oldsmobile "E" body (Toronado). It is part number 2015719.

Our thanks to Mike Bucala for providing this info.