Some Fiero electrical connectors become brittle with age. Replacements can be found through auto parts stores and the AC Delco web site (acdelco.com). A few connectors can be found in the blister packs in auto parts stores as shown below.

Radio                          '84-88  Conduct-Tite! 85176
A/C high pressure switch       '84-88  Conduct-Tite! 85147
A/C low pressure switch        '84-88  Conduct-Tite! 85148 
A/C pressure switch            '85-86  Conduct-Tite! 85146 
Cooling Fan Relay              '85-87  Conduct-Tite! 84593 
IAC Valve                      '84-88  Conduct-Tite! 85112 
TBI solenoid, 2.5L             '87-88  Conduct-Tite! 85138 
Ignition module harness, 2.8L     '85  Conduct-Tite! 85135 
Ignition switch repair kit,    '84-86  Conduct-Tite! 84599 
Washer Fluid Sensor               '88  Conduct-Tite! 85190 
Sensing of the coolant level was not used on the Fiero but was apparently planned. This feature can be added per Oliver Scholz's web site: www.fieros.de/en/articles/lowcool.html

NOTE: It is our guess that the above '85 2.8L Ignition Module Harness will fit all Fiero 2.8L engines. Other cars which used the same ignition module harness are:

Buick Skylark                     '85
Chevy Citation                    '85
Chevy El Camino                   '85
Chevy Monte Carlo                 '85
Olds Firenza                      '85
Pontiac Parisienne                '85