The front bumper emblem was gold in 1984/85 and made of metal and plastic. In 1986 it was changed to silver and made entirely of plastic. The GT model had "Fiero GT" in the emblem. Nose emblems are no longer available from GM but can be found used on eBay from time to time. The Fiero Store (fierostore.com) carries new inserts for around $25. This requires that you have the base of the emblem in which to insert the new badge. Some "New Old Stock" (NOS) badges have been available from fierodave.com but supply is limited.


The "arrowhead" emblem on sail panel frames is part number 20468876 but is difficult to locate via GM. They are still available from the Fiero Store (fierostore.com) for around $12 plus shipping.

If you are unable to find (or do not want to pay for) original emblems, there is an alternative that uses a slightly cheaper and newer version arrowhead emblem but requires some work as follows:

(1) Remove the old arrowhead emblem from the sail panel frame.

(2) Sand off the raised area which contained the old emblem until the surface is smooth.

(3) Repaint the sail panel frame (Plasti-Kote #616 Bumper Black).

(4) Install new peel-and-stick arrowhead emblem, GM Part No. 22591098. This part is $10.46 at gmpartsdirect as of April 2005. It is from a early '90s Pontiac Grand Am and looks better than the original emblem. It is only slightly larger than the original, about the size of the raised area on the sail panel.


The "Pontiac" text on the rear fascia of some Fieros (part number 10055155) is no longer available but new emblems are now available from The Fiero Store (fierostore.com). If you do not want to replace the emblem, the mounting holes can be filled and painted. Alternative decals can be used to replace the original raised lettering.

Raised "Pontiac" lettering was used on late '80s and some early '90s Pontiacs (Grand Ams and Sunfire) but the size is different than the Fiero (some larger, some smaller). They are held in place with double-sided tape and do not have the locating protrusions on the back to fit holes in the bumper. It is possible to salvage these and apply them to the Fiero using new double-sided tape. However we do not know if the letters can be arranged to cover the holes in the Fiero bumper.


To replace the fender badge on the Indy pace car, go to your GM/Chevy dealer and have them look up P/N 88980647. That's the side badge for the 2004 Indy Impala SS. The badge is the same as a Fiero Indy with the exception there is no red stripe, but that can be added with a steady hand. The price was $69.00 in 2004.


Small (about 5/8" high) metal "GT" emblems can be found on the interior front doors of late '80s Chevrolet Berettas. These typically come in red but occassionally in silver. Similar size "SE" emblems can be fround on late '80s Grand Ams, both in silver and red. Larger GT emblems (about 1.25" high) can be found on late '90s Pontiacs. The 1999 Grand Am had a small V-6 emblem on the front fender, part number 2265-8813. All of these emblems can be carefully removed and used on the Fiero.


Deck lid decals were used on all Fieros except the '86-88 GT to indicate the model. This included "Fiero Indy" in '84, "Fiero", "Fiero 2M4", "Fiero 2M6", and for 1985, "Fiero GT". Colors were typically silver (on a dark car) or Black/Dark Gray Metallic (on a light car). The Indy and GT decals also had a red pinstripe in some of the letters. We have seen some exceptions to this and suspect that dealers or owners may have used other colors. The silver typically fades after a few years and may appear gray or even white. Deck lid decals are no longer available from GM but can be found elsewhere on this web site.


Door decals were used only on the 1988 Formula ("FORMULA") and the 1984 Indy (pace car identification). Indy door decals were dealer-applied and some purchasers chose not to have them. The Indy also had a "PONTIAC" windshield decal and a dot-matrix "fade stripe" along the beltline of the car. With the exception of the "FORMULA" decal which was used on the Firebird, GM no longer has these decals. With the exception of the dot-matrix fade stripe, these decals can be found elsewhere on this web site. The fade stripe has been available from phoenixgraphix.com although you need to phone and request it separately.