GM used the same outside non-power mirrors on all Fieros. These same outside mirrors were used in a handful of other GM cars in the mid to late '80s. Power mirrors have the same glass but different mounting. Be sure to observe this difference when using salvaged units.

Vehicles with the same mirrors:

Camaro             '82-92
Corvette           '84-96
Chevy El Camino    '86-88
Caballero Sprint   '85-88
Firebird           '82-93
The mirror housings in other cars may differ slightly from the Fiero. The '84-91 Corvette mirrors are heated. The heating feature can be transferred to the Fiero if you can handle the wiring. If you have a rear defroster in your Fiero you can wire the mirrors in parallel with the defroster so they are turned off automatically.

Aftermarket mirrors can be obtained from parts stores under the following numbers:

Mirror glass, left  (manual & elec) Look! 51004
Mirror glass, right (manual & elec) Look! 51039

These replacements will include the glass portion only, not any of the plastic mounting. They may also be the less-expensive plastic mirrors, not glass like the originals.


GM used the same internal mirror on the Fiero as it did on many other GM cars of the same period. Replacement of the mirror is simple and new ones can be purchased at auto parts stores from the "Help!" section. Replacement mirrors can also be obtained from salvage yards. GM mirrors of the same period used the same mounting technique, so use of the exact mirror is not necessary unless you are trying to maintain a perfectly stock appearance.

Upgrades to the interior mirror can be made using later model mirrors which contain auto-dimming, compass, and external temperature. Such mirrors require wiring modifications that are simple but beyond the scope of this manual. Mirrors with the auto-dimming function that are known to work come from early '90s Cadillacs. The late '90s early 2000 Yukon rear view mirror contains the compass, auto dim and outside temperature features and is known to work. No doubt other GM or aftermarket mirrors can be used but we have no additional data.