RADIATOR: The aluminum core radiators used in Fieros are unique and no other cars use these identical radiators. (One of the Chevette radiators is very similar except for mounting holes.) Some models of the Fiero have thinner radiators than others. The thicker model has greater cooling capacity and will swap to any Fiero. The V-6 Fiero came standard with the thicker radiator. Fieros with the four cylinder engine used both types during their production lifetime. The "thin" radiator has a size of 15" x 19.75" x 1". The "thick" radiator has a size of 15" x 19.75" x 1.375". Replacements are readily available from conventional parts suppliers. One source for radiators is Auto Radiator Outlet in Sacramento, CA, at 800-252-0333.

Ledfoot Racing of Orange, California, makes a line of radiators called Champion Radiators (championradiators.com). Their radiator part no. CC828 fits any Fiero with a little modification of the supports and brackets. Installation photos are at this link: fiero.nl/forum/Forum2/HTML/098899-2.html This is a 3-core all-aluminum radiator and is reported to be an excellent product. According to the Champion web site, the radiator can handle engines up to 450 HP.

If you have a specialty radiator situation such as for a large V-8 installation, try Superior Radiator near Detroit, Michigan. http://www.wwwsuperiorradiator.com

RADIATOR CAP: The radiator cap in the Fiero is a 15 PSI non-vented type and is readily available as an aftermarket item. Be careful to get the non-vented version to avoid overheating. EVERY auto parts supplier we have checked has the wrong radiator cap listed in their computer for the Fiero. Be certain to get the non-vented type. The original GM cap is preferred, Part No. 10230 (or 10036879 is the old number). AC Delco also makes a good replacement cap under their number RC27. It can be found at acdelco.com. A suitable replacement from parts stores is Stant No. 11230. We also understand that Stant has a new cap for the Fiero, No. 45819. We have not had an opportunity to verify this new version and would appreciate feedback from anyone who has.

THERMOSTAT CAP: Note that the thermostat cap is not the same as the radiator cap. The thermostat cap is available from AC Delco (acdelco.com) under their part number RC40. This cap is also available from auto parts stores.

COOLANT HOSES: The molded coolant hoses for the Fiero appear to be unique and not used on other cars. The following list of hoses by Gates Rubber should fit any V-6 Fiero although some trimming is required on some hoses.

Coolant Hoses for '85-87 2.8L Engine, Gates Part Numbers:

Upper - Engine to Crossover Pipe        20661
Upper - Crossover Pipe to Lateral Pipe  21532
Upper - Lateral Pipe to Radiator        21439
Lower - Lateral Pipe to Engine          21594
Lower - Radiator to Lateral Pipe        20940
Heater to Pipe-1, w/o A/C               19602
Heater to Pipe-2                  Gates 18853,  Delco 16078M
Pipe 2 to Pipe 3                        20338
Throttle Body to Pipe               5/16" x 3"
Throttle Body to Engine                 10820

We understand but cannot confirm first-hand that Advance Auto part no. E72003 will replace the "lateral pipe to engine" hose, although it is longer and must be cut on both ends to fit properly. Also, the end which attaches to the engine (water pump inlet) is a tight fit.

Coolant Hoses for 1988 V-6 2.8L Engine, Gates Part Numbers:
Upper - Engine to Crossover Pipe        20661
Upper - Crossover Pipe to Lateral Pipe  21763
Upper - Lateral Pipe to Radiator        21764
Lower - Lateral Pipe to Engine          21758
Lower - Radiator to Lateral Pipe        21708
Heater to Pipe-1, w/o A/C               19602,  Delco 18117L
Heater to Pipe-2, w/o A/C               18836
Heater to Pipe-1, w/ A/C            not avail.
Heater to Pipe-2, w/ A/C            not avail.
Pipe 2 to Pipe 3                        20338
Throttle Body to Pipe               5/16" x 3"
Throttle Body to Engine                 10820
Coolant Hoses for the '84 2.5L Engine:

                        Gates #             Goodyear #
Upper - Pipe To Rad.    21439 Cut to fit      61329
Upper - Eng. To Pipe    21487 Cut to fit      61077
Lower - Pipe To Rad.    20940 Cut to fit      61329
Lower - Eng. To Pipe    21422
Heater To Pipe-1        19602 Cut to fit      63242
Pipe-1 To W.P.          19608 Cut to fit
Heater To Pipe-2        18853 Cut to fit      63149
Pipe-2 To Pipe-3        28466 Cut to fit      63806
Pipe-3 To Pipe-4        28466 Cut to fit      63806

Some of the hoses for '84 are noted as "Cut to fit" and we suspect these may fit other cars also. Some of the Goodyear hoses may be the corrugated flexible size to fit multiple vehicles.

You can find a local supplier of the Gates hoses via this web site: http://www.gates.com/part_locator/reverselookup.cfm

You can find Goodyear parts such as hoses and belts at this web site: http://partfinder.veyance.com/

Note that for an '88 Fiero with air conditioning there is no listing for "heater to pipe" hoses. The best solution we know is to take the old hoses to a parts store and ask the clerk to allow you to peruse all the heater hoses for a close match. We have done this successfully and found that getting longer-than-necessary hoses with a few of the necessary bends will work. We installed such hoses in our '88 and then cut them at the pipe end to suit.

Many Fiero V6 owners report that removal of the hoses/pipes to the throttle body will not harm performance. In fact it is curious that these items were provided by GM. Presumably the hot coolant is routed to the throttle body to eliminate icing. Since the throttle body is unlike a carburetor and has minimal venturi effect, icing should be impossible. We have never heard of icing in a Fiero throttle body. The throttle body hoses have been removed from both our '88 Fieros for years and performance has been unaffected.

HEATER CORE: The Fiero heater core is in the front above the passenger footwell. This requires hot coolant to be routed from the engine to the front of the car. On the '88 Fiero, the heating hoses run from the engine and connect to pipes below the battery next to the base of the firewall. The connection between the rubber hoses and metal pipes is a quick disconnect. The disconnect is plastic and deteriorates over time. The replacement is Dorman #800-405. Since this item is not in high demand you will probably have to order it if you need it. Stores like AutoZone, Advance Auto, etc., will gladly do this. The cost is about $4. Changing the quick disconnect is made easier by using a special tool, Dorman #800-408. You can view the Dorman products at dormanproducts.com.