'85-88 Notchback: Sail panels are the small triangular "windows" behind each door on the notchback style Fiero. (The notchback style is any Fiero other than the '86-88 GT.) All sail panels consist of a black molded frame with glass or acrylic inserts. The '84 frame is different than later years but will transfer to any year notchback. The '85-88 frames can also be retrofitted to an '84 with no difficulty if the fasteners are in good condition. The inserts in the 1984 Fiero are glass and tend to age well. The inserts in the '85-88 Fiero are cast or sheet acrylic and frequently have cracks and hazing due to long-term exposure. GM replacements are no longer available.

Aftermarket sail panels (inserts) for '85-88 Fieros are available from Good used frames are available from

Arrowhead Emblems: This emblem (GM P/N 20468876) found on sail panel frames is no longer available from GM but can be found at If you can't find replacements, the mounting recess for the arrowhead can be shaved off the sail panel frame and the resulting nicks filled and painted. If you do this you can replace the old emblem with a new version from a mid-'90s Grand Am which is almost the same size as the original. The new emblem is a peel-and stick version, GM Part No. 22591098, which in early 2005 was $10.46 at gmpartsdirect,com. In our opinion this emblem looks better than the original.

'86-88 GT Fastback The factory quarter windows on the '86-88 GT are made of cast acrylic (not Lexan as stated by some suppliers, including GM!) and tend to show hazing and cracking similar to sail panels on the notchback Fiero. Replacements are sometimes available from GM for about $150 per side and appear to be original manufacture. This implies that they may incur hazing and cracking problems over time. The part numbers are needed if ordering from GM. They are 20701106 (right) and 20701107 (left).

Aftermarket quarter windows are available from and from Lori at They are close to, but not exactly like, OEM quarter windows. Prices are about $100-$130 per side.