SEATS '84-88: The Fiero driver's seat is notorious for tearing on the bolster due to wear from the driver's repeated entry and exit. The upholstery can be repaired or replaced by any competent auto upholstery shop. The seat backs in the '84-85 Fiero have provisions for speakers in the headrest.

The two seats in the Fiero are not a direct swap, but the seat bottoms will swap and the seat covers will swap. So you can extend the life of the driver's side seat cover by swapping the passenger side base. The seat backs will not swap due to the hardware for the recliner mechanism.

If you wish to use non-Fiero seats, we understand but cannot confirm the seats below will fit the Fiero. Some fabrication or modification to mounting systems may be required.

       '95-99 Chevy Cavalier
         2005 Chevy Cavalier
       '92-93 Pontiac Grand Am
       '93-95 Firebird/Camaro
         2001 Camaro
          '92 Sunbird
          '97 Sunbird
          '99 Sunbird GT
          '94 Saturn SC
     Mid '80s Corvette
    Late '80s Grand Am
    Late '80s early '90s Firebird/Camaro/Tans Am
    Honda Del Sol (years unknown)

Seats from other cars may require adapter plates or other fabrication to fit the bolt locations in the Fiero. Note that the floorboard bolts in the Fiero do not penetrate the floor but are captured in raised portions of the sheet metal. You can re-locate mounting holes but that will probably mean full penetration of the floor. Be prepared to properly seal any penetrations and protect the metal from corrosion.

Leather seat cover kits are available from and can be installed by a competent do-it-yourselfer.

We understand that you can add power seats to a Fiero if you can handle the wiring. The power seat base in an Oldsmobile Calais (not sure what year) will bolt to a stock Fiero seat. The electric switches in the seat base must be moved to avoid interefering with the Fiero parking brake.

SEAT BELTS '84-88: Seat belts wear well and normally do not need replacing although periodic cleaning is appropriate. Some owners find the belt color objectionable and want new or used seat belts of a different color. We have read that the seatbelt mechanism is unique to the Fiero and therefore used seatbelts from other cars do not exist. We have also read that some of the late '80s Firebird seat belts are the same as the Fiero. We do not which version is true. It is possible to obtain racing seat belts (4 or 5-point suspension) which will fit the Fiero. It is also possible to get new belt material from JC Whitney which is then sewn to the Fiero hardware. Many upholstery shops will not handle the sewing of seatbelts because of liability issues.