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We have collected a few technical articles over the years that you might find as useful and/or interesting as we did. They are courtesy of Kit Car Magazine and Car Craft Magazine in the late '90s, and Family Handyman from February 2012. As thanks to these magazines we encourage you to visit their web sites (links below) and support their organizations. They have a great selection of articles and information in their archives that apply directly to Fieros as well as your mom's grocery-getter. For example, who wouldn't want to know the techniques of making faded paint look nearly new again? Check the links and do some digging.

Kit Car Magazine

Car Craft Magazine

Family Handyman Magazine


The little red light on your dash reminds you that something might be wrong with your alternator. Before you get talked into replacing it for big bucks, read this two-page article and learn how they really work. Perhaps replacing a few alternator parts won't be so intimidating. And if you want to upgrade your alternator to put out more power, you will have a better idea of how to handle it.

Download "Inside Alternators" (4.7 MB)


Nothing affects ride and handling more than tires. To get the best of both these aspects a proper performance tire will make all the difference. Read this four-page article to decide what's best for your particular wheels, what you should consider for tire height and width, and even what tread pattern is best for your driving habits.

Download "Performance Tires" (9.8 MB)


Have you ever seen the engine cowling on the Spirit of St. Louis? Or perhaps the instrument panel of a Cord or the firewall of a vintage Bugatti? If yes, you have seen a classic example of engine turning, the metalworking technique that leaves a series of overlapping circular engraving on metal. The effect is striking and can be done in a home shop with basic tools. The Fiero has many interior surfaces where this technique could be applied. Learn how from this two-page article.

Download "Engine Turning" (4.8 MB)


Not every Fiero left the showroom with the familar body style we all know. Some Fieros looked unmistakably like the Ferrari driven by 'Magnum PI'! That's the Mera. Find out how this happened to the '87 and '88 Fieros. And keep your eyes open; they are still on the road and sometimes show up for sale.

Download "Fiero Meara" (2.6 MB)


You've been bitten by the Fiero bug and now have two of them. Then three. Then four as friends and family put you on to "deals" you can't turn down. Maybe it's time to turn one of them into a kit car with new body panels and interior. Find out how to go about it wisely in this two-page summary.

Download "How to Buy a Kit Car" (4.9 MB)


You now have the Fiero looking like a new dime and with all the work you put in, the value is more than your regular car insurer says it is. Yet to get it on the road you obviously need insurance. Find out how to get insured for replacement value yet keep from paying more than necessary in this two-page rundown.

Download "How to Save Money on Car Insurance" (4.3 MB)


Magic elixirs for your car. Sounds too good to be true, and in most cases it is. But there are a few that really DO help in the right circumstances. The information below, courtesy of Family Handyman magazine Feb. 2012 (familyhandyman.com), can help your car in five areas. The information is by Larry Carley, Technical Editor of Engine Builder and other auto-related magazines who has over 2500 articles to his credit. See what he has to say.

Additives that Work

If you have technical articles that might be appropriate here, drop us a line and we'll chat about it. Thanks!