The "wing" or spoiler on the Fiero is unique and was not used on any other vehicle. New replacements are available from JC Whitney and the Fiero Store. Used Fiero spoilers appear frequently on eBay. Spoilers from other vehicles can be made to fit the Fiero and some will have a brake light installed in them, such as those from the '86 Firebird.

The Formula and Indy were the only models that had a wing as standard equipment. (Actually Formula and Indy were an option group on a coupe; the wing was standard equipment within that option group.) Wings were optional on GTs and SEs. The wing in 1988 was slightly different on the underside than in 1984-87, but all factory wings interchange.

Fiero wings used to be a highly desired theft target and many that were stolen were replaced with aftermarket units. Used wings were very scarce and although the original production option price was under $300, Pontiac had replacements priced at nearly $1000.

All factory wings had two separate stands (called stantions) that screwed to the underside of the wing. The stantions and the gaskets which mount between the stantion and deck lid are different depending on the year and model as follows:

- The '84 Indy and '85 GT have the same stantions. The stantions mount to the deck lid with studs which thread into the base of the stantion. For '84-85, the stantion had a narrow fixed "spread" between studs. This stud spacing will not fit existing deck lid holes in '86-88 deck lids. However you can drill different holes to make them fit or you can get a "clean" deck lid and drill new holes.

- The '86-88 wings came with stantions with dual locations for the studs so the stantions will work with all years.

- The stantion gasket on the notchback body style (any Fiero other than '86-88 GTs) is identical for left and right sides and can be used on either stantion. The fastback gasket is not identical and there is a left and right. The difference is slight and you can force-fit an "incorrect" gasket with a bit of heat from a heat gun (used moderately). The difference in the GT gaskets is most easily discerned by the taper in the edge where the gasket meets the character line in the fastback decklid.

(Our thanks to Ed Parks and Mark Corbin for the above info.)

We understand but cannot confirm that wings from other vehicles will work on the Fiero and provide a "look" that you may find more appealing than the stock version. Vehicles which have wings known to work include the following:

Plymouth Duster
Plymoutn Sundance
Pontiac Firebird
Z34 (requires grinding the stantions)

We apologize that we do not know which years to look for on the above cars.