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Short on funds? Selling your car and want to make it look better? Well this is the place for you. Here we list our goofs, overruns, or old stock. But there are conditions:

1. All items are as-is

2. Payment in advance (price shown below plus shipping, ususally $5-$10 for Priority Mail).

3. No returns.

If you find something you want, send us an e-mail (you can use the Order Form or just email to fierosails@yahoo.com). If the item is still available we will send payment instructions. We try to keep the list current but sometimes laziness wins out.

There is no intent to sell you junk and we do our best to describe all items honestly and thoroughly. On our "seconds" it is possible there are flaws which we have not seen or described, but we try not to let this happen. The point is you are taking something of a chance. It is our opinion you will be pleased with the items as described but we don't guarantee it. We do have one person listed on the "References" page who has purchased Bargain panels. You can contact him for an independent opinion.

With all disclaimers aside, here's the current stuff:

Updated 18 January 2012

Decal Bargains - We are currently completely out of decal bargains but will post them as they become available.

Sail Panels - At this time we have no sail panel bargains available but will list them as they become available.