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One of the nice things about our sail panels and decals is you can have any graphics you want, provided they fit the intended location. Alternatives to the standard SE and GT lettering on sail panels are popular. Some typical choices are:

- SE 5.7 L
- Fiero 4.9L
- V8
- Fiero (in slant silver/red font)
- Fiero logo
- Pontiac Racing
- Special Edition

The font for the SE on sail panels is double-stripe and for the GT, triple-stripe (has red center pinstripe). The "Formula" style as used on the Formula door decals is also available. Other font styles such as the slanted "Fiero" can be used. There is no limit to font styles. If you can tell us what you want we will do our best to provide it.

In addition to words you can have pictures. We have the Fiero logo and a Pegasus as stock items and we have done Smurfs, birds, flowers, wolves, bears, globe & anchor, and many others. Just about anything is feasible, limited only by available space and imagination.

Special graphics will cost more but typically not a lot. An exact image is helpful in keeping costs down. If you don't have the exact image you want, it may be expensive to have it produced. Therefore if you have something special it will be least expensive to send us the image you want. The exact size is not critical but the condition of the image is. Our preference is vector-based images but we can work with most electronic formats. Bit-mapped images (such as JPG files) can be used but do require extra work.

Custom decals are common and we encourage your requests. We handle decals for all applications, not just cars. For example we have done logos and banners for local bands, 'for sale' signs for realtors, and directional signs for apartment complexes. So if you want something for your business, boat, home, office, doghouse, child's toy, home sale, garage sale, etc., let us know.

We can work with you if you have an undeveloped idea or rough artwork to see what can be done inexpensively. One thing we do require is that if we develop artwork in this manner, it becomes available for use by others.