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(Customer's Cars)

These pictures were provided by customers who graciously agreed to display their handiwork on this web site. There are some very nice cars and I hope they provide food for thought. All customers are welcome to contribute photos for display as long as space is available. (Note: Click on the photos for an enlarged view.)

Aaron Koch's '86 SE has been modified to include a 3.4 liter engine. The black ground effects look good with the new red paint. Aaron did a beautiful job.


Aaron's SE has gray leather seats which set off the red paint job beautifully. Really looks sharp! The only clue to the 3.4 liter engine is on the sail panels.


Dusan Ljubec of Ontario, Canada, provided this shot of the Pegasus hood decal on his V-8 equipped '84 SE. Nice job Dusan!


This outstanding Formula with original paint belongs to Al Melhinch. Note the louvers on the rear window. Rare! Also note the factory original "Formula" decal on the doors. These are hard to see, but they extend the full length of the space between wheel wells. Also unusual are the Pegasus decals on the sun roof.


Chuck Cochran provided this nice closeup of the new sail panels on his '85 SE. Chuck chose plain black panels even though his originals were SE. A nice clean look.

Denny Lambert's '85 GT is beautifully maintained. Even the wheel wells are clean!


This is Denny's car which was for sale. Probably snapped up quickly! I believe it is an '87 SE, which would be rare. Especially in silver. But I'm not sure. His GT is in the background.

This is George Mudd's Formula. As you can see, everything about it shines.


This is George Mudd's Formula showing a clever solution to mask holes where the "Pontiac" emblem originally installed. The "Formula" in the photo is a decal which covers them!


This is a closeup of Greg Matthew's Formula with custom "Fiero" graphics on the sail panels. Greg bought blank sail panels and separate letters and did the work himself. Nice job!

Harley Kirwan's '86 SE has substantial modifications to make it a GT. Check out the high wing stantions.


You can see the Pegasus sail panels in this photo of Harley's car.


This sporty coupe belongs to Ira Crummey of Newfoundland, Canada. Note the fender decal. It is a Fiero logo in yellow, similar to the way Ferrari displays their emblem. Ira has a great web page devoted to the 4-cylider Fiero at http://www.homestead.com/fiero2m4/index.html

This is Phil Randolph's amazing turbocharged 3.8 Formula. Phil has sail panels with the Fiero logo and "Supercharged" using the laser finish. (This finish is no longer available.) For more information on Phil's car see the article on page 84 of the May 2001 issue of Hot Rod magazine.

This is Sandy Iacuessa's beautiful '87 SE. Maybe all the rain in Tacoma, Washington, is what keeps it looking so clean!


Sandy provided this closeup of the SE sail panel she installed herself. Nice job, Sandy!


Steve Kaiser provided this shot of his beautiful '86 SE/GT. The sail panels on Steve's car are hard to see but have "GT" plus the Fiero logo in a "laser" finish. (This finish is no longer available.)

Tom Mordan's show-winning '88 GT simply takes your breath away! "Stunning" is putting it mildly. The decal on the front quarter says "GT 350" under the Fiero logo. Check out the next photo to see why.


This engine is a partial indication of why Tom Mordan walks away with trophies! Awesome!


William Loomis provided this shot of his '85 coupe with new "Fiero" sail panels.


This is Jennifer Gilbert's prize-winning '85 GT. The picture does not do justice to the beautiful blue paint.


This is Joel Stup's '86 SE. Turbocharged!


This '85 GT belongs to Don Jones of Sparks, Nevada. Beautiful restoration!


These beautifully restored twin '86 SEs are by Russ Camp of Grants Pass, Oregon. The one on the right has a customized V8!


Bob Richardson's "Trick or Treat" Fiero is a feast of great mods!