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This is where we have a few parts for sale. The list of items is below. Click on those you wish to see. Prices do not include shipping.

If you have questions please send us a note at "fierosails@yahoo.com". We'll be happy to respond.

Updated 03 August 2013.

Pontiac Document Folder, $5 - This is an original document folder issued by Pontiac in the 1980s. It was probably not for the Fiero but we don't know. It has a small stain on the letter "T" which we did not try to remove but otherwise is in fine shape. Shipping cost would be zero if you purchase this with a set of sail panels.

Folder 1

Folder 2

Oil Pan for 3.4L Engine, $25 - This oil pan was destined for our 3.4 upgrade which we no longer plan to do. It is in great shape with a few very minor dings in the bottom, but the sealing edges are perfect. It includes a plug where the oil level sensor (or was it a crank sensor?) was once installed. There are some small patches of surface rust on the interior as can be seen in the picture; they will buff off easily. This oil pan will fit the 2.8L block but will not mate with all timing covers. As we recall, only the '87-88 timing cover will match this oil pan (but we're not certain). Obviously the timing cover from the 3.4 will match.

Oil Pan 1

Oil Pan 2

Oil Pan 3

Oil Pan 4

Shift Knob, $5 - This is a dark gray leather shift knob for an automatic transmission. It could stand a good cleaning but is otherwise in good shape as you can see in the photos.

Shift Knob 1

Shift Knob 2

Sunroof Glass, $20 - In fine shape but needs cleaning. Complete with hardware. We don't want to ship this and suggest local pickup. If you or a friend travel through Atlanta via I-85, we could meet you at one of the exits on the north side of town. If you are local to Atlanta we can arrange for pickup or perhaps meet you somewhere on the north side. If you are a member of Georgia Fieros, we could bring this to a club meeting.

Sunroof Bottom

Sunroof Top

Shift Boot, $10 - This is a new black & white shift boot for a manual transmission that was made when we planned a black and white interior for our car. We have changed plans and this brand new shift boot is available. If you ship this with a set of sail panels, no additional shipping charge will be incurred.

Shift Boot