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We accept payment only in U.S. funds via check or postal money order. At this time we do not accept payment by credit card since to do so would increase prices for everyone. PayPal is acceptable if you are willing to absorb the PayPal fee. (PayPal permits charging your purchase to a credit card.) Due to unfavorable experience, we do not ship until your payment has been received. We tell you where to send funds after your order is ready to ship. Note: Listed shipping costs do not include insurance.

There is no express or implied guarantee which accompanies the sail panels. There are too many variables beyond our control to do so (installation methods, environment, care or lack of it, etc.). We certify that all materials used in the sail panels are new and the best quality we can obtain.

If you don't like the sail panel for any reason, send it back in it's ORIGINAL CONDITION within 10 days and we will refund your cost, less shipping expenses. The returned sail panel must be totally without damage. We will be the sole judge of whether or not the panel is returned in damaged condition. (If you put the sail panel on your car, decide you don't like it and return it with adhesive or scratches of any kind, your money will not be refunded.) We do not accept responsibility for shipping damage. That is the purpose of insurance.


We use the U.S. Postal Service for shipping. Their "Priority Mail" for one or two sail panels is $6-$12 to most locations in the continental U.S. and generally 2 to 4 days for delivery. We do not insure unless requested in advance, and insurance fees are of course added to the cost. The sail panels are rugged and we protect them inside the box with crushed newspaper or styrofoam because it's effective and economical, but damage is still possible.

Overnight shipping is available in the continental U.S. but is pricey. Check usps.com for current rates.

For addresses outside the U.S. we also use the U.S. Postal Service. While we recommend Air Mail, we will be happy to ship via surface at your request. Insurance is additional. Approximate costs for shipping can be determined at usps.com.

Surface mail to locations outside the U.S. is less expensive but typically takes 5-8 weeks to deliver. Air mail is typically 5-7 days.