This on-line "manual" is an outgrowth of my personal attempt to locate Fiero parts that were not readily found at retail sources. I have documented my findings here in the hope that it will help others. If you have an insurance adjuster, mechanic, or repair shop who believes parts are not available for your Fiero, directing him here may help.

Please note this manual is NOT a parts catalog, substitute for the factory parts manual (also known as the "22P" catalog), or the factory service manual. And there is no intent to extensively list products carried by parts suppliers. This "manual" is merely an attempt to help guide you to sources of used and new parts, many of which interchange with other vehicles.

We intend to update the manual as new information becomes available and therefore need help from all who are willing to share their knowledge about Fiero parts. Please use the e-mail address below to send information we have missed. And it's important to keep the manual as accurate as possible, so please let us know about errors.

Our information was obtained from first-hand knowledge, salvage yard operators, "Hollander" manuals, parts catalogs, Internet mailing lists, and Fiero owners and enthusiasts everywhere. The information is as accurate as we know how to make it but we are fallible and disclaim responsibility for inaccuracies or problems you may incur using it!

Note that we have not included parts such as batteries, windshields, and hundreds of other parts which are readily available direct from GM or from auto parts stores. If you do not see the part you need, check the "Parts Sources" link to the left.

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