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The term "sail panel" refers to the triangular piece of Plexiglas behind each door on the "notchback" style Fiero. It is also called the "quarter window" and in their parts manual, GM calls it an "applique". Since the panel is in the shape of a triangular sail on a boat, we like the term "sail panel" as it is more descriptive. We use the term "sail panel" to mean the piece of Plexiglas only, not including the black triangular mounting frame that attaches to the car.

Replacement sail panels are available in plain black (as originally used on several Fiero models), with "SE" or "GT" lettering, with artwork of just about any type, or left clear. If left clear it is assumed you will take care of your own painting and artwork.

Lettering for the "SE" or "GT" is a near-duplicate of the original factory letters. Each graphic is cut by computer and the results look very good. The standard color lettering is silver for SE models and red and silver for the '85 GT. You can have any artwork you want in place of the standard letters provided it will fit on the sail panel. Cost depends on complexity and size. See the Custom Graphics section for details.

Replacement sail panels are 0.060" thick which is just about the same thickness we found on an 1988 Fiero Formula. This provides good flexibility so that fitting to the sail panel frame is easy. At one time we used thicker material but what we use now fits much better and does not have a tendency pull loose.

Due to temperature changes, shipping stresses, or storage conditions the as-received sail panel will not conform perfectly to the sail panel frame without slight pressure. This slight adjustment takes care of itself as you press the sail panel into the frame. The double-sided tape easily holds the sail panel in place as it is pressed into position. See the HOW TO REMOVE & REPLACE procedure for details.

If you have concerns about the sail panels we will be happy to answer any questions. Alternatively, you can contact some of the people under "REFERENCES" for their opinion.