The 2.8L engine has an EGR tube which goes from the EGR valve to the underside of the intake plenum. The '85-87 EGR tubes are the same but the '88 tube is a bit longer. Earlier tubes can fit an '88 if stretched. New "one size fits all" tubes are available from the Fiero Store. EGR tubes from 2.8L Camaro and Firebird engines as well as some other late '80s Pontiacs will fit the Fiero but do not have the heat shield. These must have the bolt holes slotted on the end which attaches to the EGR valve. These EGR tubes are slightly larger in diameter and seem to be a bit more rugged than the original Fiero EGR tubes and work well on the Fiero V-6.

The EGR tube has a gasket at both ends, AC Delco part number 10239631.


The 2.8L engine has an EGR solenoid which is actuated by the ECM to open the EGR valve. The EGR solenoid is mounted on an engine bracket near the battery and the EGR valve is mounted on the exhaust pipe near the distributor. The solenoid is unique to the Fiero and was not used on other vehicles. The part number is AC Delco 214-361 and is generally available, although pricey. We understand that EGR solenoids from late '80s S10 trucks can be subsituted but since they are not same mounting or configuration, some "engineering" is required.


The EGR valve mounts to the exhaust piping near the distributor and feeds limited amounts of exhaust gas to the underside of the intake plenum when directed by the ECM. The valve is vacuum actuated and can be tested for operation by pulling a vaccum on the diaphragm. (Remove existing vacuum tube, install temporary tube, and suck!) If the valve needs replacement you can use new (AC Delco part number 214-1415) or salvaged. Many cars used the same EGR Valve:

Buick          1973-1976
Chevrolet      1975-1978
Nissan/Datsun  1974-1977
Oldsmobile     1975-1976
Opel           1976
Pontiac        1975-1988
The EGR valve gasket is AC Delco part number 219-581.


The EGR valve on the 2.8L Fiero did not come with a cover. Some late '80s and early '90s 3.8L GM engines used the same size EGR valve which did come with black plastic "dress up" covers. These can be retrofitted to the Fiero as a simple snap-on installation for improved appearance. They can be painted to match the intake plenum.