FAN & MOTOR: Five different fan motors and four different fans were used in the Fiero during its lifetime and replacements for all of them are easily available. So many GM cars used the same fan and motor we are not taking the space to list them.

We understand that an aftermarket fan made by Spal Automotive will work well in the Fiero with slight modification. You must cut the four arms that hold the original fan and motor flush with the shroud so the Spal will fit. The fan is very well balanced, has a low power draw, and moves about twice as much air as the stock Fiero fan. The fan is a 16 inch Spal Model Number SPA30100231 and is available from Spal at

Another fan reported to work well is Perma-Cool 19115, a 16-inch fan with aluminum blades that claims to move air at 2950 cubic feet per minute. The cost in 2009 was about $127 from Summit Racing ( and from JEGs (

We also understand that many 16" fans on newer vehicles can be modified to work on the Fiero and that doing so will provide benefits of higher fan efficiency and lower current draw.