The first place to look for parts is a local auto parts store or GM dealer. New parts will be the most expensive but generally best choice for replacements. In cases such as body panels new parts are not available from these traditional sources and used parts are the only option. Hopefully the remainder of this on-line manual will assist in that regard.

The Internet has made the search for Fiero parts an almost casual exercise. We have listed a handful of the more popular sources below. A Google search will yield hundreds more. Fiero sail panels (quarter windows) for the "notchback" style Fiero plus OEM and custom decals and graphics. Located near Atlanta, Georgia. Hundreds of Fiero parts for sale at any given time. A high-traffic site with Fiero discussion groups and a "Mall" with active sellers and buyers of all kinds of Fiero parts. Post a "wanted" item if you can't find what you need. Questions posted to one of the discussion forums will provide a quick and informative response. Jeremy Biggs at The Fiero Factory in Toney, Alabama, specializes in Fiero restoration and engine swaps and also has virtually any Fiero part. Lots of new old stock (NOS) and used Fiero parts. Good service. Located in Wisconsin. Very reputable source of Fiero parts, on-site service, restoration in Tuckerton, NJ Long-time source for many hard to get Fiero parts; good service, retail prices. Located in Connecticut. Best known for "fastback" quarter windows ('86-88 GT) but has many other hard-to-find parts such as electrical switches. Good service. Located in West Virginia. Probably the least expensive source for new GM parts, although for small items the shipping cost can make them unattractive. GM part numbers are needed to use this site. Part numbers can be obtained from the "22P" manual, if you can find one. (They are no longer published but appear on eBay from time to time.) The 22P can also be downloaded in PDF format from a couple of sources on the 'Net. See our fierosecrets page. Just about any Fiero part is available here. Retail prices. Located in Lebanon, Connecticut. Many hard to find and specialty items, some unique. Excellent service. Located in Wisconsin. Leather seat cover kits for the do-it-yourselfer. Excellent quality. Located in Florida. Web outlet for AC Delco parts including pressure switches, sensors, alternators, etc. An excellent site for using part numbers from other manufacturers to obtain equivalent AC Delco parts. You can enter your car information and find the AC Delco part number for the item for which you are searching. Very handy. Web-based auto parts company with large parts inventory and good supply for the Fiero. Reasonable pricing. Based in Wisconsin but ships from warehouse locations throughout the US. Web outlet of AM Autoparts. Has an extensive inventory for cars of all kinds, including the Fiero. Located in California. This site will locate used parts around the world! Retail pricing.