The sun visors in a Fiero typically look bad due to deterioration of the material beneath the outer fabric. An auto upholstery shop can repair these easily with new material. Typical cost is about $60 a pair. The sun visors can also be repaired with the same fabric used for headliners which can be purchased at fabric shops such as JoAnn Fabrics and Hancock Fabrics.

Replacement sun visors with lights that look nearly the same as the Fiero can be obtained from a '88-89 Chrysler LeBaron ('90 will work but is slightly different), and Dodge Shadow, Daytona, and Sundance. The power for lighted sun visors can be connected to the overhead interior lights. The sunvisors from these cars seem a bit sturdier than those from a Fiero. We are told that sun visors from late model S-series Chevrolet trucks will also work well in the Fiero.