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HEAT SHIELD PATTERN FOR '85-88 FIERO, $20 plus shipping

In this section of our web site we offer a paper pattern for do-it-yourself replication of the original bulkhead heat shield. The pattern is full-size and the instructions are step-by-step with list of materials, part numbers, and sources. The pattern looks like this (not shown to scale):

All Fieros were made with a heat shield on the bulkhead (firewall) between the engine and the passenger compartment. Over the years this fiberglass shield becomes filled with dirt and sometimes with oil. It also deteriorates and may become ragged and messy. Sometimes loose fiberglass in the engine compartment can clog the internal parts of the alternator. (This happened to us.) If replacement of the heat shield is desired you will find new shields are no longer available from GM. However it is possible to replace the heat shield with do-it-yourself materials which are cleaner and (we think) more effective at insulating. But there is a risk. The original heat shield was made of fiberglass which is not flammable. The materials we used for replacing the heat shield are made of mylar and plastic and ARE flammable at high temperatures. These materials are close to the exhaust system and therefore a fire hazard exists. Nevertheless, the materials have been used on some Fieros for over 8 years without mishap and we have heard of no problems. The only deterioration noted has been in the aluminum adhesive tape used to cover edges of the insulation. Over time the adhesive deteriorates and the tape must be renewed. If you decide to replace your old heat shield with the "Reflectix" material mentioned below, you do so at your own risk.

Alternative materials which may be safer have been available in the past from suppliers such as JEGS, Summit, ThermoTec, and Aircraft Spruce (aircraftspruce.com). We no longer attempt to list specific products since stock seems to change frequently. If you have successfully used a specific product your feedback would be appreciated.

We understand that Auburn Manufacturing (auburnmfg.com) makes an aluminized fiberglass fabric called "Ami-Glas" which has been used for aircraft firewall insulation, but we have no source for this nor any personal experience. You may wish to contact Auburn directly for possible resellers. A Fiero firewall requires a minimum coverage of 54" x 26" if you are shopping.

Note that the material on the two inner fender wells of the engine compartment is not addressed here and we do not offer patterns. This material is the same as that originally used on the firewall but is addressed in the Pontiac 22P parts manual as "sound absorber" material, not insulation.

Should you choose to use it, "Reflectix" insulation is available at most home centers. It is about 1/4" thick with reflective mylar on both surfaces and plastic "bubble wrap" between. It is designed for home insulation use and is rated for service to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Two layers are used in the typical Fiero installation. A series of step-by-step photos of the installation process as performed by Paul Calewarts of Jacksonville, Florida, is located below:

FIRE WALL PHOTOS (Opens in new window.)

Our kit includes a full-size pattern used to cut the new insulation to fit the bulkhead and two pages of printed instructions. If you would like to order the insulation pattern kit, please do so via our Order Form accessible from the menu at the left of this page.

Our pattern was made using an '88 GT as the basis. Since then we have had input from owners who have an '85-87 Fieros and we have made patterns specific to these years. Nevertheless you may find there are locations that need an extra hole. Additional penetrations are easy to add once you have the basic pattern. We would appreciate feedback if this occurs to you so we can make the pattern completely accurate for all Fiero variations.

The pattern can be shipped in a roll (no creases) within the continental US for $6-$7. The pattern can also be folded and shipped in an envelope for about $3 within the US. Please inquire for shipment costs outside the US (generally not expensive). Creases do not harm the pattern but they do make it a little more clumsy to handle (like handling a map). Shipments outside the US will be via the envelope method only.