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This is a list of Fiero clubs in the U.S. and around the world. If you are aware of any unlisted clubs, please let us know so we can include them. We are unable to check all these sites regularly so if you find any are incorrect or are no longer active, please let us know at "fierosails"at Yahoo.com. Thanks!

Alabama Fieros https://www.angelfire.com/al2/alabamafieros/Page2.html#top
Alamo Area Fiero Owners (TX) https://groups.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=groups.groupProfile&groupID=105572184, aafo@aol.com
Arizona Fieros https://www.azfieros.com, info@azfieros.com
Bat City Fieros (Austin, TX) https://www.batcityfieros.com/
Calgary Fiero Owners Group (Canada) calgaryfieros@shaw.ca
Central Florida Fiero https://www.centralfloridafieros.com/
Central Indiana Fiero Club https://community.indystar.com/main.wsi?group_id=394
Central Ohio Fiero Enthusiasts https://www.centralohfiero.org
Central Valley Fiero Owners Group [Manteca, CA] rob.rd@sbcglobal.net
Cincinnati Area Fiero Enthusiasts (CAFE) [Ohio] https://www.cafe.homestead.com
Cleveland Fieros (OH) www.ClevelandFieros.com
Classic Fiero Owners Group, Richmond, CA https://www.cfog.org
Club Fiero South, Orlando, FL https://www.creativeempire.com/fiero
Daytona Fieros (FL) https://www.home.earthlink.net/~triking/
Dixieland Fieros (SC) https://www.concentric.net/~brgfiero, brgfiero@concentric.net
Dutch Fiero Mailing List https://vdvossen.www.cistron.nl/maillist.htm
Edmonton Fiero Club (Canada) https://www.edmontonfieros.com/, info@edmontonfieros.com
East Tennessee Fiero Club https://www.easttennesseefieroclub.com, Robert@easttennesseefieroclub.com
East Texas Fieros https://www.angelfire.com/on2/EastTexasFieros/
Fiero Breakfast Club (FL) https://www.praxis.net/~DFarnham/, fiero4fun@aol.com
Fiero Club Nederland (Holland) https://www.auto.clubs.nl/Fieroclub
Fiero Club of Central Illinois Bob Steiger, fcci@uiuc.edu
Fiero Club of Finland https://www.dlc.fi/~fiero/index2.html
Fiero Club of Las Vegas (Nevada) Richard Carmack, carmackcustoms@yahoo.com
Fiero Club of Oklahoma https://www.fco.org, gary@fco.org
Fiero Club of Santa Clarita (CA) https://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/FieroClubOfSantaClarita/
Fiero Enthusiasts of Dayton (OH) https://www.glasscity.net/users/iap5/index.htm
Fiero Fanatics (WI) https://www.acronet.net/~abarthel/index.html
Fiero Mailing Club (in Dutch) www.fieroclub.nl
Fieros of San Diego (CA) https://www.fierosofsandiego.org
Fiero Owners Association (national) https://www.flash.net/~newboy/foa.html
Fiero Owners Club of Canada 3410 Walker Road, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N8W 3S3, (519) 972-4989
Fiero Owners Club Of New England https://www.fiero.net/focone, jim@fiero.net
Fiero Owners Club of S.E.Virginia https://www.vafieros.com
Fiero Road Club of Northern Nevada https://www.accutek.com/~fieronn, scorpion@accutek.com
Fiero Sweden https://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Garage/8297/, jpw@bossmedia.se
Fieros Northwest (OR) https://www.fierosnorthwest.com
Fieros West (CA) https://www.fieroswest.org
Florida Fiero Council https://apollo.pacificweb.net/~sketch/fiero.html, sketch@apollo.pacificweb.net
Gateway Fiero Club (MO) https://www.gatewayfieros.com, jar@storz.com
Georgia Fieros https://www.gafiero.org
Gold Coast Fiero Club, Gulfport, MS https://www.goldcoastfiero.org
Golden Gate Fieros (CA) https://www.goldengatefieros.org, mrdetail@juno.com
Heartland Fiero Club (IA) https://heartland_fieros.homestead.com/index.html
Jet City Fieros (Seattle, WA) https://www.jetcityfieros.com
Jersey Shores Fiero (NJ) 1608 Northstream Parkway, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742, (908) 295-3251
Kansas City Fiero Owners Group (MO) https://www.kcfog.org
Kentucky Fiero Club https://www.geocities.com/kentuckyfieroclub/
Long Island Fiero Enthusiasts (NY) Dave Fanning, defannin@suffolk.lib.ny.us
Lone Star Fieros (TX) https://www.lonestarfieros.org/, newboy@ev1.net
Michigan Fiero Club https://www.michiganfieroclub.com/
Mid America Fieros (KY) Jennifer Lindsey, Jennifer@midamericafieros.com
Mid-Atlantic Fiero Owners Association (VA) https://www.fieropride.com, bobschlag@fieropride.com
Midwest Fieros (Onawa, IA) https://www.geocities.com/midwestfieros/
Mile High Fieros (CO) https://milehighfieros.com/
Minnesota Fieros Forever https://www.fiero.mn.org/, minnfieros@aol.com
Montreal Fiero Club www.fieromontreal.com
New England Fiero Association https://www.fieropride.com/, raypaulk@fieropride.com
North Carolina Fiero Owners FredW@triad.rr.com
North Carolina Mid-Engine https://ncmidengine.47.forumer.com/index.php?noportal=1, Korey Isley-cdahr@triad.rr.com
North Eastern Ohio Fiero Club https://www.geocities.com/neofiero
Northern California Fiero Club (Sacramento) https://www.geocities.com/norcalfiero
Northern Ohio Fiero Friends 2319 Westport Drive, Akron, OH 44312, (216) 699-3630
North Texas Fiero Club (NTFC, Dallas-Ft.Worth area) https://www.northtexasfieroclub.org
Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts https://www.fierofocus.com, webmaster@fierofocus.com
Northwest Fiero Fantasies (IL) 121 South Forest, Palatine, IL, 60067, (708) 358-8674
Ontario Fiero Association (Canada) https://www.pcpages.com/ofa/; Contact: Barry Clark
Ottawa Fiero (Canada) https://members.rogers.com/ottawafiero/OttawaFiero.html
Palm Beach Fieros (FL) https://pbfieros.tripod.com, brygidat@yahoo.com
Panhandle Fiero Club (FL) https://www.arc.net/Users/worf/
Penn-Jersey Fiero Club (NJ) 28 Starlifter Trailer Park, MAFB, NJ 08641, (609) 724-0026
Silver State Fieros (NV) https://www.wprince.com, wprince@skylink.net
South Carolina Fiero Club https://scfieros.7.forumer.com/
South Carolina Upstate Fiero Owners (scUFO) Wallace Krebs, wdkrebs@yahoo.com
Southern Ohio Fiero Club https://www.fieroclub.com
Southern Ontario Fiero Association (Canada) https://www.fieros.ca
Southwest Idaho Fiero Club https://www.realvision-inc.com/fiero/, helmet@realvision-inc.com
Space Coast Fieros (FL) https://SpaceCoastFieros.com, dragon@SpaceCoastFieros.com (Frank Martin)
Suncoast Fieros (FL) Clearwater; https://www.suncoastfieros.com; tellron@tampabay.rr.com
Swedish Fiero Club https://www.fiero.nu
Tampa Fiero Club (FL) https://www.angelfire.com/fl2/tampafieroclub, tampafieroclub@worldnet.att.net
Utah Fieros (Salt Lake City) https://www.utahfieros.com, Contact scca_fiero@msn.com
Utah Fieros https://www.mindspring.com/~martinwhite/fiero/club.html
Tennessee Fiero Club 2805 Washington Court, Thompson Station, TN 37179, (615) 794-8344
Tri-State Fiero Club (NY-NJ-CT) https://members.aol.com/Tristfiero/home.htm
Tulsa Fiero Club (Oklahoma) TulsaFieros@yahoogroups.com
Victoria Fiero Owners Group (Canada) https://www.bc1.com/users/jbeadle
West Coast Fiero Club, B.C., Canada https://www.westcoastfieros.com/
West Michigan Fiero Club 1021-11th Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, (616) 677-5029
Western Pennsylvania Fiero Club https://clubs.hemmings.com/clubsites/westernpafieroclub/